The Bridge Project

V4 Development was proud to partner with some great organzations to work on the "The Bridge Project."

The Bridge Project (VeteransNavigator and Armor Down) from Kim Tarantino on Vimeo.

View the website here.

About the Bridge Project and Mindful Memorial Day:

Armor Down started the tradition of Mindful Memorial Day as an observance that mobilizes a civilian "honor brigade," young and old, to honor fallen warriors through shared activities. In May 2018, for the fifth consecutive year, Mindful Memorial Day (MMD) will be observed with the hanging of yellow ribbons and fallen warrior cards—one for each service member killed in-theater since September 11, 2001. The ribbons and their attached cards will be suspended from the rafters of The Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, with both civilians and Veterans joining together to take ribbons and honor fallen warriors with a graveside mindful moment of gratitude. The goal this year is to honor 100% of fallen warriors, which is a realistic goal since Ben’s honor brigade has grown every year.

About Armor Down:

"Stay Alert, Stay Alive." Most likely this military motto is fresh in every veteran's mind. All forms of military training are built around this basic fundamental idea. Beginning with basic training, all service members are taught that hyper-alertness to detail, and reflexively placing the "Mission First" can mean the difference between life and death.

Downrange, these fundamentals are force multipliers for the military. But back home, as veterans attempt to transition back to civilian life, these ingrained behaviors can contribute to chronic stress and other disorders. Although military training is of great value in many ways, it does not always serve a person well outside of the military environment. That is why Armor Down developed a new Mission First.

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