• Science Museum of Virginia's "Lunch Break Science"

    Our client, the Science Museum of Virginia, has a free weekly "Lunch Break Science" presentation series that covers a spectrum of topics that affect or daily lifes in relation to science while you eat your bagged lunch.

  • David vanBlaricom’s LIFE Lecture at VCU School of Engineering

    V4 Development’s CEO David vanBlaricom spoke to a engaged crowd of VCU School of Engineering upcoming graduates. He spoke to the group (and also one-on-one afterwards) about the challenges and successes that is found in problem solving using real life examples.

  • Tech for 2018

    With a new year upon us, here is a look at the current technology landscape and what 2018 may hold for the trends in software. Below is a quick snapshot of what to expect along with a general description of how it is implemented.

  • V4 Development Launches VCPEA Website

    V4 Development was proud to collaborate with VCPEA (The Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) to launch the new VCPEA brand and updated website.

  • Iptables Log File

    Iptables is the userspace command line program used to configure the Linux 2.4.x and later packet filtering ruleset by netfilter. In a lot of our Iptables configs we'll often setup a LOG directive to monitor some of the rules being hit. This helps for testing/confirming a rule or so we can monitor and report on the rules

  • PRESS RELEASE - College Students Hack to Develop Tech Solutions to Improve Caregiver Health

    Richmond, VA – A diverse group of multidisciplinary college students from across the Commonwealth gathered to address the often overlooked issue of caregiver health and wellness at the 2017 “Caring for the Caregiver Intercollegiate Hack” hosted by VirginiaNavigator’s Lindsay Institute for Innovations in Caregiving.

  • Nginx and Apache Developer Sandboxes

    We do a lot of development on many different projects concurrently as well as just having a place to play. With that, we didn't want to have to have folks create a vhost for every project. Having to maintain what was what (needed, old, etc.) would quickly become a big pain in the a$$. With that said, we just employed some simple rewrite rules with Nginx and Apache and our devs can now create a project/sandbox just by creating that directory.

  • V4 Development | ECPI 2017 Fall Advisory Board Meeting

    V4 Development was proud to be invited to the 2017 ECPI Fall Advisory board meeting in order to give input on the current and upcoming syllabus. The Advisory Board meetings feature industry professionals who are experts in their field and can offer curriculum input to our academic department based on industry trends and demands. --- ECPI University, or East Coast Polytechnic Institute, is for-profit college based in Virginia Beach, Virginia that provides undergraduate and graduate level education in an accelerated format. ECPI University has five colleges with campuses in Virginia, North Carol...

  • V4 Development’s Canal Cruise Adventure!

    The V4 Development crew took some R&R and hired private Canal Cruise along Richmond’s historic Canal Walk for a company happy hour.

  • John Barber Art Portfolio Website

    V4 Development recently redesigned and launched artist John Barber’s website.

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